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titanium sputter DoS 4n5
Jun 15, 2016

product Detail

basic Info

  • Segh:titanium tach

  • application: Industrial, Medical

  • technique: Forged

  • tu'lu'bej: Round

  • purity:99.995%

  • ghor: HablI' Plane ghap polish

product Description

item pong
tlhIv je SoHbogh jen Titanium (jInoNrup) DoS

tlhIv je SoHbogh

beQ ghap rotary DoS, according to request

lupoQ size
round: dia 25 ~ 300 mm, Thickness: 3 ~ 10 mm

rectangular: 'ab Da'elDI' 1500 mm

customization lupoQ

iso9001: 2008, sgs, ja' waH wejDIch

vacuum melting, patented tuj-mechanical mIw

widely lo' neH coating processing industries

a: solar Photovoltaic appication.

b: va 'ej Semiconductor appication.

c: decoration 'ej Coating appication. etc.

andamp; vIlopQo' jay' 61443;DaH contact